Tobler's first law of geography

Tobler’s first law of geography

GeoHealth Innovations is one of the national leaders in the application of geospatial technology and analysis to public health and the healthcare industry.

By “changing the view on public health”, GeoHealth Innovations’ team of epidemiologists and geospatial professionals use location-based data and technology to embed geography as a variable in the analysis of disease, social determinants of health, and environmental factors.

GeoHealth Innovations’ use of predictive modeling and generation of high priority target areas (HPTAs) provide clients with important decision-making tools in the implementation of public health policy and intervention.

The Goals of GeoHealth Innovations:

  • Facilitate continuity of funding and to provide sufficient flexibility in support of both public and private sector initiatives using geospatial analysis of health and health care relevant data.
  • Represent a major collaborative effort in support of the geospatial analysis of public health data and the promotion of health equity.
  • Support and coordinate existing expertise in geospatial analysis, health policy, health planning, environmental health analysis, and epidemiology.
  • Facilitate the development of new approaches and methodologies to sustain effective public health and health care interventions.